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Antique Ersari Ensi c1870

Ref: FC128

Here is a fabulous antique Ersari Ensi (Middle Amu Darya) known in the trade as a M.A.D. rug, in complete condition, recently found in America. The Ersari ensi is a stunning type of rug woven by the Ersari tribe, originating from Central Asia. Known for its unique and intricate designs, the Ersari ensi is a cultural symbol that serves as protection against negative forces. These rugs feature bold motifs inspired by traditional symbols and are woven using natural dyes and wool from local sheep. Weavers use the asymmetrical knot technique to create these rugs, making them long-lasting and valuable heirlooms. Despite facing challenges to preserve traditional weaving techniques and cultural practices, the Ersari ensi remains an essential part of Turkmen cultural heritage.

Dimension: 1.85m x 1.35m